Saturday, July 4, 2009

How we are like Israel

hello world. I have been reading the book of Amos lately. One of those little books in the old testament that tend to get over looked because everyone loves the new testament so much. Well lately I have been feeling pulled towards to OT trying to up my Bible knowledge, but like I said I've been reading Amos. Amos is a pretty awesome dude. He isn't like the other prophets that go around prophesying and come from like cool backgrounds and stuff he is a just a guy. Kind of like David before he did this whole prophet thing he was a shepherd. So Amos is like tending his sheep and all and then he gets this crazy message from God to give to Israel so he heads north to deliver this message. Now don't take my word on all of this cause I'm no bible scholar so defintely get out your Bible and read Amos for yourself. Basically God's message is that he is straight up fed up with Israel and their sinning. The time has come for punishment. He goes on to talk about all the 'smaller' things He has done to get their attention and they still haven't turned back to Him. These smaller things are definitley not small though we are talking lack of food, lack of water, PLAGUES. Serious business but these people have not turned back to Him. Okay so you are probably wondering why the title says we are like Israel. Today I studed Amos 5...and starting in verse 21 through the end God talks about he despises their worship. Isn't that crazy that He would despies their worship? Well here is the thing. Their worship was EMPTY. They didn't have real love for Him. Their words and actions didn't line up. They would give sacrifices and say they loved Him and say He was their friend but they didn;t live it out. The continued to mistreat eachother and disrespect God. I feel like all of us in the world today have that problem. We say we love Him but we love things of this world and sin more. We say we love Him but we continue to sin and hope the worship evens it all out and keeps us in his good graces. I think a lot of us today need to turn back to God and stop having empty worship. We need to quit loving the things of this world and start loving God and loving others.

I hope this made a little bit of sense. made sense in my head.

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  1. That makes a lot of sense love. I feel like 90% of the time, people sing & go to church & do all the right stuff for the wrong reasons. We're all just going through the motions with no passion behind it, & that's something that definitely needs to change!!